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About The Service

LeaseSTATs is a new Commercial Active Listings Service for Calgary Commercial Real Estate Brokers within Greater Calgary Area created through a collaborative effort between a Commercial Appraiser and several Calgary Commercial Real Estate Brokers.

The service is a compressive compilation of all the Calgary active lease listings published monthly to all Commercial brokerage firms that allows users to instantly perform geographical searches of active, pending and leased commercial properties and short list geographical searches by lease interest (Head Lease vs Sublease), lease type (Industrial, Office, Retail), Area size and by Brokerage Firm. The results can be short-listed and compiled into a personally branded PDF results summary list with links to the original vacancy reports, which can be emailed to your self in a full-detailed “Agent View” or a brief detailed “Client View”. Searches can be permanently saved via a client reference number, which can be used to retrieve the short listed properties for future use. The lease database will essentially let you search for all active lease listings within a set radius of any given street corner in Calgary.

Intended Users

This service is designed to be used by Calgary Commercial Real Estate Brokers who receive monthly commercial lease vacancy reports on a monthly basis.  For this reason, access to this service is being limited to Commercial Real Estate Brokers actively working within the Greater Calgary area. Any commercial real estate broker with clients looking for leasing commercial space within the Calgary Downtown, Beltline and Suburban areas can save 20 hours a month by using this tool.

Trial Access

The LeaseSTATS annual subscription comes with a 30 day trial period.

How To Gain Access

To gain access, send an email to with your Company contact information and a company logo, if available, and then a user account will be set up in the database with your last name being your user ID and password. You will then be sent an email back instructing you how to install the required free App (Go 12) along with a web link that will automatically log you into the database from your iphone or ipad. At this time, one device is allowed per user account.


The database has been designed on an Apple-based software platform and thus is readily available via an iPhone or iPad by simply downloading a free App and then clicking on a web-link that automatically logs you directly into the database, which is hosted on a high-speed database server located in Calgary that is backed up every 15 minutes. An icon can be created on your iPhone/iPad Home Screen that automatically logs you into the database without having to enter your user ID or Password.

Database Contents

The lease database now contains approximately 2,400 Active Lease Listings within the greater Calgary Area of which over 450 listings are for industrial space, over 650 listings are for retail space, over 850 listings are for suburban office space and over 450 listings are for office space within the Calgary Downtown and Beltline area. Lease listings also include upcoming new developments and land leases. Every month, each individual leasable suite/bay listed in the Calgary monthly vacancy update reports is reviewed, updated and time stamped to ensure the availability status is up-to-date along with the information.

The link below contains a brief presentation video identifying what is in the database as well as demonstrations on how it works:

Watch Now (if blurry, rewind to beginning and start again. That seems to fix it!)

Database Service Status

The database is now available and comes with 30-day free trial period.

Database Access Costs

The cost is from $99 per month based on a one-year subscription which comes with a 30-day trial period. Volume purchases are discounted, however, minimum purchases may apply.